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Flooring Sanders 

Hardwood flooring sanders are essential when finishing floors. We carry the well known HUMMEL machine along with the American Sanders sander and Bona Sander.

Flooring Edgers 

A floor edger is a powerful type of disk sander that helps to sand the edges of a floor. We sell a number of hardwood floor edgers, including standard and toe-kick edgers. These products give you the precision you need to get the results you want. Choose from a number of models, all from top manufacturers, including American Sanders and Makita.

Flooring Staplers 

First Atlanta Flooring carries quality floor staplers, perfect for any residential, commercial or gym flooring job. All products are built-to-last and will help you install a floor that you can be proud of. Find staplers from brands like Hitachi/Metabo-HPT and Bostitch MIIIFS.


Flooring Buffers 

Floor buffers help during the finishing process of a new floor or to renew the appearance of an aging and scratched floor. We carry a number of floor buffers from the most trusted manufacturers, including American Sanders and Basic Coatings.

Wood Saws 

First Atlanta Flooring carries the Crain Undercut saw and Toe-Kick saw. The Undercut saw comes with a carbide-tipped blade that can fully undercut most doors in place. The Toe-Kick saw has an extended spindle, low profile cutting head, and flush-mounted blade that allows it to cut all the way against the inner wall of a toe-kick for removing old underlayment. Saves time and serious hard work by using the right tools for the job!


Many vacuums can be heavy and awkward to move or roll around and clean efficiently. A backpack vacuum is a portable and lightweight solution that is worn just like a backpack. It makes the process of cleaning up debris effortless and provides the user with complete mobility to fit into tight corners and clean any space.


Tell us what you need and we'll help you. It's that easy!


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