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Installation Materials

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Installation Materials

Sanding Belts

First Atlanta Flooring sells floor sanding belts that are specially designed for every stage of the floor sanding process with grits ranging from 16grit to 220grit. With brands like BONA, NORTON and 3M, you are sure to find the belts that work best for you.

Buffer Pads

We carry a variety of buffer pads. Orbital non-woven backup pads are used in conjunction with sanding screens or double sided paper sheets. The orbital machine rests on top of the non-woven pad which acts as the driver for the abrasive, cutting softer leaving less of a scratch pattern. Use the non-abrasive polishing/buffing pad, used dry or with a fine mist to yield a mirror gloss shine.

Installation Materials
Laminated wooden floor

Edger Discs & Edger Pads

Edger discs are used on handheld edger machines to sand areas on a floor where a regular belt or drum sander can’t reach. First Atlanta Flooring carries a verity of grits from the most reputable brands to fit the Clarke 7R and B-2 Edger.

Sanding Screens

First Atlanta Flooring sells high quality floor sanding screens for buffing and sanding hardwood floors. We offer a variety of brands, grades and sizes to make shopping and replacing a sanding screen easy. We carry screens from top manufacturers like Bona, 3M and Norton.

Installation Materials
Installation Materials


Underlayments play an important role during the installation of new hardwood flooring. Whether you intend to staple down, nail down or float, an underlayment offers a slew of benefits during and after installation. Our 15lb black felt paper is easy to roll on the subfloor before installation and greatly reduces the chance of any moisture coming up through the subfloor.


Regardless of what type of wood floor glue you need, First Atlanta Flooring has you covered. We have a wide selection, from urethane to water-based and alcohol-based adhesives ensuring you get the exact wood floor adhesive needed for your project.

Installation Materials
Installation Materials


15.5 Gauge 1/2 crown hardwood flooring staples coated and with chisel point for easy penetration for hardwood flooring installations. Find the brands you know and trust.


Today, First Atlanta Flooring, is one of the largest and fastest growing distributors in the flooring industry.