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Hand Tools

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Trowels are used for spreading adhesives on the subfloor before gluing the flooring on top. With carry many different types of trowels for any adhesive you might use and any spread thickness you might require.


Find all the scrapers you need, be it for corner scraping, subfloor scrapping, or chisel scrapers. We carry brands like RedDevil, Floor Dot, Dynamic, Hyde and others, for all your scrapping needs!


We carry the most commonly used brushes for your installation needs, from the 1” wide chip brushes to the wider 4” bristle brushes. You can use these for applying poly-urethane in the corners or spreading stain in the corners before buffing the floors. Whatever your use, we carry them.

Flooring Jacks

BlackJack Floating Floor Cushion Underlayment is a dense foam underlayment that helps absorb every day in-room noise under laminate and engineered flooring. The closed-cell foam design is moisture resistant and fights against mold and mildew. It is available in 70-026 – 100 sq ft Rolls.


First Atlanta Flooring carries professional tools with durable designs, including mallets, mallet caps, and more. All of our mallets have a comfortable grip and a soft replaceable face to protect flooring.

Molding Cutters

The wood miter makes fast angle cuts in wood quarter round, eliminating the need for a chop saw. The stout 2 ½” long high carbon steel blade is strong enough and sharp enough to shear cut wood materials cleanly. The table includes a gauge for cutting straight, 22.5°, or 45° angles. The 22.5° angle gauge is used for making a “soft corner” shape, while the 45° angle is used to make square corners. The extra-long vinyl-coated handles provide adequate leverage for cutting.

Hammer on the floor

Tell us what you need and we'll help you. It's that easy!


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