Hardwood Floor Stains

Whether your clients want to refresh their flooring with new colours, or you’ve just installed a fresh hardwood floor and want to add some extra flavor to it, choosing a quality stain is all you have to do. Hardwood stains can make ordinary wood look gorgeous. As a professional, all you have to do is choose the right product for the job. At First Atlanta Flooring, we carry more than 30+ stain colors from well-known brands. These include Bona, Minwax and DuraSeal.


Buy Your Stain of Choice From Popular Brands



Dri Fast is a premium quality, oil-modified stain for interior hardwood floors. It’s a top choice for professionals. Bona Dri Fast penetrates, stains, and seals bare wood, comes in a 1 qt barrel, and it is very easy to apply. It comes in 26 colors, including Natural Wood, Golden Oak, Walnut, and Rosewood, just to name a few. It’s compatible with other Bona products and it is blendable with other stains to achieve unlimited colors.


You can choose both oil-based stains or water-based stains from Minwax, in a variety of colors. Wood Finish Oil-Based Penetrating Stain colors include white, natural, Cherry, Pine, and other fun colors, while the semi-transparent Wood Finish Water-Based Penetrating Stain comes in pure white, classic grey, barn red, navy and true black. 


The DuraSeal Penetrating Finish is among the best stains you can buy. Its unique formula allows seamless coating and comes in a 1-gallon size and a quart size. At First Atlanta Flooring, you can choose from a multitude of DuraSeal Penetrating Finish colors, including Coffee Brown and Rosewood, and Nutmeg, among many others.