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1-1/2 in. x 11 in. Hardwood Handled Scraper

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24oz Applicator Gun Black

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Bona Applicator AT0003023

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BONA Multidisc 16″

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DeWALT 4pc Screwdriver Set

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DeWALT 8 oz Chalk – Blue

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DeWALT Folding Retractable Utility Knife

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DeWALT Interchangeable Nail Set

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DeWALT Retractable Utility Knife

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DeWALT Spring Steel 13” Flat bar

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DeWALT Spring Steel 21” Flat bar

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Hardwood Flooring Installation Tools

There are several phases of installing or replacing hardwood flooring for a commercial or residential client. After the initial prep work, which involves figuring out the area and the type of flooring that’s most suitable for the space, comes the installation stage. Many clients might wonder if it would be more cost-effective to go the DIY route and install new hardwood flooring themselves. However, installing hardwood floors requires a lot of materials and a lot of tools and accessories that the average homeowner is unlikely to already own. 

At the end of the day, the best and most cost-effective option is to hire a professional to handle the hardwood floor installation process. Experts will know which hardwood flooring installation tools are required for the job at hand, and more often than not, they will already have these tools in their arsenal. Wood floor installation tools can include anything from nailers, staplers, saws, and flooring staples to color and moisture kits, protective footwear, utility knives, screwdrivers, flooring jacks, and other accessories. 

We carry hardwood floor installation tools from quality brands like Bona, DeWalt, Crain, American Line, Dynamic, or Stanley Bostitch. In our shop, you’ll find all the tools and accessories required for the hardwood flooring installation process, including screwdriver sets, interchangeable nail sets, flooring mallets, floor cutters, flat bars and applicator guns, hardwood handled scrapers, protective footwear covers, and more. Head over to our shop or contact us for more information on our products. 


What tools do you need to install a hardwood floor?

Installing new hardwood flooring in a commercial or a residential space requires various tools and accessories that the average homeowner might not have in their toolbox, but professionals surely do. These tools can include moisture and color kits, saws and nailers, staplers, applicator guns, utility knives, flooring jacks, flooring mallets, floor cutters, flat bars, scrapers, and protective footwear or furniture covers. 

Can you DIY hardwood flooring installation?

While some homeowners might try to install hardwood flooring themselves, it’s always recommended to hire a professional to handle the job. An expert will know which tools and accessories are required for the project at hand, and can make sure that the installation process goes smoothly. DIY-ing the hardwood flooring installation process can sometimes result in dents, warps, oversanding, or even cracking of the hardwood boards. A professional can take steps to ensure that the hardwood floors are perfectly installed and will last for many years.