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Hardwood Floor Sanders

Sanding is the very first step of the hardwood floor finishing or refinishing process, and one that simply cannot be skipped. Sanding prepares the hardwood floors for the next stages of the finishing or restoration process, creating a smooth, even surface that stains, sealers, and finishing products can adhere to seamlessly. Whether you’re installing new floors or repairing/restoring old flooring, following every step of this process is the best way to ensure durability and ultimately end up with a high-quality result for your client. However, it’s important to use the right tools and materials for the job. 

At First Atlanta Flooring, we carry floor machines and accessories for professionals gearing up for a new project. Floor sanders are indispensable for any finishing or refinishing task, along with edge sanders, vacuums, floor buffers, compressors, and power boosters. 

Floor sanders are tools designed to smooth out unfinished hardwood floor planks, creating an even surface to work with. They can be used across the entire surface of the floor, while edge sanders do the work around the edges and corners of a room, and in the areas that are too shallow for the drum.

The best types of hardwood floor sanders

In our online shop, you will find floor sanders made by American Sanders, DeWalt, and Porter Cable. The Floor Crafter designed by American Sanders is an aggressive belt machine, with a precise cut that ensures increased productivity and perfect results. Despite its power, the floor sander is engineered to reduce vibration, while its exclusive split rear is designed to make smooth forward-backward transitions. 

DeWalt features the Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit, providing both efficient and ergonomic sanding. Its great advantage is the shorter design, which allows users to get closer to the work surface. The Porter Cable floor sander delivers top-notch material removal due to its high-performance motor. This type of machine sanding has proven to be very effective under industrial use.

Check out our website for more sanding tools and accessories. For any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.