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American Sander B-2+ Edger

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American Sanders Super 7R Edger

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Makita Toekick Radiator Edger Sander

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Hardwood Floor Edgers

When it comes to refinishing versus replacing a hardwood floor, the first option can save you or your clients a lot of money. This is where powerful floor machines come into play. Sanders, edgers, vacuums, buffers, and other accessories are meant to make your job easier when refinishing your floors. 

As a professional, you know that an edge sander is one of the best tools you could add to your arsenal for sanding down hardwood floors. It’s used for sanding around the edges of a room, as well as for areas that are too shallow to use the drum (eg. hallways where the floorboards run across the width of the hall). 

First Atlanta Flooring carries brands like American Sanders and Makita, that focus on edge sanders with settings for fast aggressive cutting and great precision. Most edge sanders allow the machines to be attached directly to a vacuum, which leaves much less dust when sanding.

We offer edge sanders for varied budgets, so don’t hesitate to browse our online shop and see what fits you. Reach out to our team if you have any questions or need any help.


What’s the difference between a floor sander and a floor edger?

Floor sanders are used across the surface of the floor, while floor edgers are perfect for sanding near walls and baseboards.