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American Sander B-2+ Edger

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American Sanders RS-16DC Rotary Sander

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Bona DCS Back Vac

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DeWALT 1.6 HP Continuous 225 PSI 4.5 Gallon Oil Free Compressor

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DeWALT 5″ Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit – H&L Pad

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Dustless Floor Dragon

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Makita Toekick Radiator Edger Sander

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NWP2000 Pro Floor Back Pac Vacuum w/Tool Kit

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Floor Machines

No matter the kind of project you’re working on, as a professional, you’ll need the best possible tools for the job. Depending on the type of flooring you’re working with and the particularities of the job, you might need flooring machines like sanders, edgers, vacuums, buffers, and other accessories like a compressor or a power booster. 

For bigger projects, such as installing new flooring in a commercial office space or a retail space, you will need powerful tools to help you save time and effort and get the job done in time. If you’re restoring an old hardwood floor, you’ll want to use flooring machines and equipment that won’t further damage the hardwood planks and prevent oversanding or over-buffering. As a professional, investing in the right equipment is essential, and can ensure timely delivery, high-quality results, and last but definitely not least, client satisfaction. 

Whether you need hand-held flooring sanders or a buffer for a floor repair project, or a powerful vacuum to clean a hardwood floor after installation or repair, our shop has everything you need. We carry brands like American Sanders, DeWalt, Bona, Makita, Basic Coatings, Nottingham, and Porter Cable. First Atlanta Flooring carries floor machines for varied budgets, so don’t hesitate to browse our online catalog. Reach out to our team for any further inquiries.