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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP100

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Bona R850 T 20 oz Adhesive Tube

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DriTac 8100 Tongue & Groove Adhesive – 16oz

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DriTac Repair Adhesive Gallon

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DriTac Repair Quart Refil

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Franklin Titebond II Premium Wood Glue 5004 16oz

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Liquid Nails Heavy Duty 10oz

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Liquid Nails Heavy Duty 28oz

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Liquid Nails Subfloors 10oz

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Liquid Nails Subfloors 28oz

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Flooring Adhesives

Whether you’re installing high-quality hardwood flooring for a residential client or engineered or vinyl flooring for a commercial space, you will need to use a quality flooring adhesive to ensure the durability of your project. Flooring adhesives are required to make sure that your floor tiles adhere effectively to your substrate, and to provide stability and longevity. 

Depending on the type of flooring you’re installing, you will usually need either a water-based, solvent-based, or urethane-based wood floor adhesive to finalize the process. You’ll also need different glues for different areas of the projects; depending on the task at hand, you might need trim adhesives, tongue-and-groove adhesives, or epoxy adhesives to complete your flooring job. 

Water-based flooring adhesives are the safest and most environmentally-friendly option, since they do not contain any solvents that could be harmful to humans or pets. However, they don’t suit just any type of flooring; it will depend on the type of floor or the type of subfloor you’re installing.

Solvent-based wood floor glue can be used on a wide range of floor and subfloor types. The main aspect to consider is that this type of flooring adhesive contains solvents, which would require time to set. Still, the solvents usually evaporate after a week or a couple of weeks of installation, and after that the space can be used without any issues. 

Urethane-based floor adhesives are two-part formulas that create a reaction when mixed together, so they do not require moisture to cure. Also called moisture-cure adhesives, they are the most versatile type of flooring adhesive on the market, and they can be applied to almost any type of floor or subfloor. They are also the most durable and guarantee high impact and vibration resistance. 

The First Atlanta Flooring shop offers the best flooring adhesives on the market today, including the popular Bona R851 silane-based adhesive. Our brands include Bona, DriTac, Liquid Nails, 3M, and Titebond, and you can get our products in various sizes, from 10 oz to 2 gallons. 

We also carry quality tongue-and-groove adhesives from brands like DriTac, epoxy adhesives and trim adhesives from 3M, and Liquid Nails adhesives for subfloors. If you’re looking for the right flooring adhesive for your next project, don’t hesitate to visit our shop and reach out to us with any inquiries. 


  • What is the best floor adhesive?

There is no universal answer to this question; the right adhesive will depend on the particularities of the project and the type of floor and subfloor you’re working with. However, urethane-based flooring adhesives are the most versatile, and they can be applied to almost any type of flooring. They also ensure durability, flexibility, and high impact resistance. 

  • What is the best adhesive for vinyl flooring? 

When it comes to vinyl flooring, acrylic-based flooring adhesives are your best bet. These adhesives are very strong and efficient, and also heat-resistant. This means they are not dependent on temperature and don’t give in due to moisture in the environment. 

  • How long does wood floor glue take to dry?

Most urethane-based flooring adhesives will dry down in about 20 hours after installation. Of course, the time varies depending on humidity levels and room temperature. Your best bet is to wait at least 15 hours before using the space, and at least 24 hours before moving furniture or heavy things around the floor.