Here’s Why Fall Is the Best Season to Install or Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Here’s Why Fall Is the Best Season to Install or Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Every year like clockwork, autumn ushers in a season of change. As the leaves change colors, the new school year begins, and everyone is home from their summer vacations, it’s the perfect time to do some work around the house in preparation for the cold months. We’ll all be spending a lot more time indoors as the temperatures drop and the nights grow longer, so this is the perfect time to undertake renovation efforts and get started on those home improvement projects we’ve been putting off. 

There is no written rule on when you should install your new hardwood floors or refinish or restore your old ones. However, in our experience, fall is the best time of year to undertake such projects, for various reasons. 

Comfortable temperatures

Firstly, no one enjoys doing hard work and labor during a heatwave or a blizzard. The uncomfortable temperatures will give rise to low productivity, delays in the installation or refinishing process, and make for a more stressful experience altogether. High temperatures can also impact the hardwood in a negative way, causing it to expand and even warp, while extreme cold can cause it to contract significantly, leading to improper installation. Ventilating the space and bringing in fresh air can also be challenging during summer and winter. 

Acclimating the hardwood planks

When temperatures are extremely high or low, hardwood floors react by expanding or contracting significantly, which can impact the acclimation or installation process and cause delays. If you’re installing new hardwood floors, they will need to be acclimated first in the space they’re going to be installed in, allowing the planks to expand or contract depending on the environment. It’s always better to do this during spring or fall when temperatures are moderate and won’t impact the wood in such a significant way. 

Proper ventilation 

During autumn, temperatures are cooler, but not cold enough that you can’t let windows and doors open to ventilate the space. This is important if you’re using products like glues or adhesives that emit fumes or odors; being able to ventilate the space naturally will speed up the process significantly. The gentle sunlight during the autumn months will also speed up the drying process if you’re using cleaning products or finishes that need time to fully dry out, but it won’t be hot enough to cause damage to the wood

Gearing up for the winter holidays

Between hectic summer vacation schedules and busy winter holidays, there’s not a lot of downtime left to take care of refinishing or installing new hardwood floors. Autumn is the perfect time to undertake this task, to get your home ready and in top shape for the winter holidays. This is when friends and family might come visit, and you’ll want to show off your hardwood floors in all their glory. At the same time, you want your floors to be ready for the increased foot traffic during winter, and protect them from snow, water, and the cold

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