PoloPlaz began in the early 1960s as National Coatings Co. The founder of the company had been employed during the 1950s in research and development at Union Carbide. During this period, Union Carbide spent considerable resources developing the polyurethane technology that had emerged during World War II.
The company prospered as a small business until the founder became ill and could no longer manage the business. In 1988 the company switched ownership, since then the company has grown and become a leader in hardwood floor finishing in North America. Over the years, millions of dollars have been invested into new products, facilities and equipment to keep National Coatings on the cutting edge of finish technology.
PoloPlaz was the trade name of the National Coatings products. As time passed, more and more customers began referring to the company by the brand name, so, in 2006, National Coatings officially became known as PoloPlaz.