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Our response to COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to help!

We have never seen a crisis like this. We know these times are challenging for you.

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What steps are we taking regarding the novel coronavirus?

In these unprecedented times, with the COVID-19, we hope you and those closest to you are remainingĀ healthy and unaffected.
First and foremost, as of Monday, March 23rd, all our stores are OPEN and fully operational. We will continue to do so as long as it is safe for our customers and employees, and as long as it is permitted by local, state and federal authorities.
Be aware that shortages my appear in our inventory due to the worldwide situation that affects the chain of production and transportation, but our team is working around the clock to get you everything you need.
How is FAF helping to prevent the spread of the virus?
– we routinely clean and disinfect all areas in our stores
– our employees keep a distance from each other and from our customers
– our employees wash their hands and sanitize as often as possible
– as of Monday, March 23rd we directed that 20% of our staff work from home, even though it’s not imposed by authorities, to reduce person-to-person contact
– we temporarily ended the open cafe bar service to limit contact (we apologize for this inconvenience)
– we also intend to start working in shifts so contact between our employees will be even more limited, but not affecting our service to you or our opening hours.
How can YOU help us?
– please keep a distance from one another and protect our employees
– when entering our site, we kindly ask that you ask your crew to wait outside, we will assist you with bringing your materials outside.
– we will be implementing new line forming guidance that will help us all keep a distance from each other, we kindly ask that you follow the guidelines so we can all have a safe distance from each other and prevent the spread of the virus.
We understand these timesĀ are unsettling and we would like to assure you that FAF is focused on providing high quality and fast service, as we always have.
We will contact you if there are any more notable updates.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.